When your child is in school, you, as a parent, have tonnes of things to keep track of. From parent-teacher meetings and open houses to field trips and school assemblies, one needs to stay connected with their child’s educational institution in order to remain abreast of all the necessary information. Good schools in Gurgaon make efforts to keep parents updated about academic and recreational activities that serve to enrich children and their psyches. Here are some ways in which you can stay in touch with your child’s school:

1. Your Child’s Backpack
Chances are you are most likely to learn about most school news and events through the contents of your child’s backpack. When he/she gets back from school, ask them to empty their backpack or open their diary for you. Diaries usually contain information regarding certain events and school notices, and it is best to read them aloud with your child in order to give them an idea regarding what is going on in school. You might also come across invitations, flyers, or notes that contain important updates/information.

2. The School Website
A good public school in Gurgaon is bound to have a website for the purpose of effective communication. Search for their website on the internet, and browse once a week to stay updated about functions, fests, field trips, campaigns, workshops, etc. Some schools also maintain web pages containing information about specific classrooms, including assignments, lessons, and homework.

3. The School Newsletter 
Schools tend to put out weekly newsletters that contain information about events taking place in the upcoming week. It might be in your child’s backpack or sent to you via email. If your child’s school only communicates via e-newsletter, make sure that the school office has access to the correct email address. The moment you receive a newsletter, you will be able to keep track of key events and sync them on your phone’s calendar.

4. The School Notice Board
While dropping your child to school, you can check the central notice board for all kinds of information. Apart from school news and announcements, you can keep in touch with upcoming events and activities. In case it is not possible for you to check the notice board every day, ask your child to check it and scan for new information. You can always consult with other parents in case of confusion or further clarification.

5. The Class Teacher
Feel free to converse with your child’s class teacher, during parent-teacher meet-ups, events, or drop-offs. If you are missing out on important information too often,  you can consult the class teacher and ask them about the best way in which you can stay up to date. Some teachers might even agree to add notes to your child’s diary regarding vital, school-related information to make things easier.

Now that you are aware of the myriad ways in which you can stay connected to your child’s school, make sure that you help your child make the best of school events, activities, and workshops. Also, make sure that your child does not miss out on important assignments, projects, or deadlines – do your utmost best to ensure a seamless experience for your child.

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