why counselling is important

why counselling is important-Mount Olympus School

It’s the 21st Century that we live in, yet the stigma around the Counselling and Therapeutic practices prevails not just in the rural, backward areas but also in the urban societies. Belonging to the urban sector, we have a privilege of being able to fulfil our needs of not just food but also educational, entertainment As well as medical emergencies. But, what about the anxieties that make us shiver, the phobias that constantly drain our energy, the inability to think right due to immense burden of work causing stress and exhaustion, the moments of lack of trust and commitment, the automatic negative thoughts and lack of self confidence and constant worries, the day to day issues and various other issues that a general physician cannot solve because, they relate to our brain. They are concerned with our thoughts, our emotions and our mental ability to be able to understand them in a way that helps in improvement of our mental health. These issues are so important and yet they often go ignored, or are deliberately pushed on the back seat because, “LOG KYA KAHENGE?”. Let’s try and understand this with an example. What do we do, when we suffer with severe cold, conjunctivitis, migraine, fracture, pneumonia, fever, cough and allergies? Well, we go to the doctors! Similarly, when our problems are not just related to our body(except mind/brain) and are rather related to the mental processes, the traumas, the experiences, the thoughts and emotions, we require health professionals who can help us and provide us with correct medications to individual problems. For these kind of day to day issues, there are special doctors and psychologists who only study about the human mind, the human behaviour, the working of humans in an environment, the impact that they have on each other, the emotional stability and in all, the mental health wellbeing.

 A mental Health Professional can help you in various ways. They are good listeners, and help you with Catharsis. They can help you in releasing negative emotions like guilt, grudge, fear etc. They can help you give better perspectives in life, that can be very useful in day to day lives, especially when certain issues that bother you are out of your Circle of Control. The best part? Counselling and Therapy professionals take oaths of maintaining Confidentiality. They are people who do not judge you and instead see you only as unique individuals having unique identities dealing with unique problems and thus, they provide you with unique solutions and ways out.

 Just as much it is our responsibility to stay fit and healthy, it is our job to maintain good mental health. For a Counsellor, no problem is a weird, small, stupid, silly or major problem. Everything has a solution and for that, a mental health professional must be consulted. There are several counsellors who have specialized in areas like marriage counselling, child counselling, relationship counselling, etc while there are counsellors who cater to not so serious issues that relate to day to day problems, stress, over eating, binge eating, insomnia, petty fights or traumas.

It’s about time, we take our responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones, and support them in every possible way and help them reach out to counsellors and professionals if they need any help, so they can resolve their issues and live life on better terms and maintain a good mental health!

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