With around thirty different boards (State, National and International boards) providing school education across different parts of India, it has become a difficult but unavoidable task for each and every parent to choose the best school education board for their kid’s bright future.

Also, the school boards being the evaluation parameter for over a million of aspiring students, it has made the situation even trickier for parents along with students.

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most trustworthy and vastly recognized boards in India.

CBSE got its present title in 1952 and the value addition of CBSE lies in the quality of education it imparts to all the students in this diverse language and ethnicities.

Over the years, the CBSE has always tried to make learning relevant for every student in this rapidly changing world. It has always tried to maintain the value of learning in India.

At present, the board has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated to it in India & abroad.

The board has laid down the syllabi for these schools in accordance with the world class standards of the education system.

Every year, CBSE board conducts various crucial exams such as board written examination for tenth and twelfth standards apart from that the CBSE also conducts Medical , engineering and dental written exams are also important additions to the exhaustive list.

According the CBSE assessment scheme, the CBSE exams are assessed and marks are granted that are accepted worldwide in all foremost institutes and work locations.

Now, the question that arises in our minds is that why to choose CBSE Affiliated Schools in Gurgaon board over other education boards and what sets it apart from others. While the choice of subjects is same for most of the boards in India, the emphasis on various subjects and mode of teaching varies across the boards. The best way to get out of this tricky situation is to choose the board in accordance with the child’s field of interest. Below are some of the main elements that you should look for before choosing an education board for your child’s education:

  1. Course Structure – CBSE being the national board of our country has involved a student-friendly course structure that is also conducive to the national interests of the country. The course structure under the CBSE board has been designed in such a way that students don’t feel too much pressurized or burdened. Interactive yet informative books are involved to make learning easy and fun for students. Also, CBSE books involve a lot of fun and engaging activities in between chapters so as to make students learn in a playful way. The whole course structure has been designed to make the whole process of conveying knowledge to students efficient, effective and fun.
  2. Exams – Every year, CBSE board conducts All India Senior School Examination (AISSE) for students of tenth standard and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for students of twelfth standard, across  India. The exams conducted by CBSE are also conducive to a positive environment for students. The whole examination process aims to make students learn effectively. The examination papers are designed in such a manner that they test how much the student has actually learnt throughout the semester. As per the curriculum and innovative ways of teaching there are comparatively less number of students who generally fail in examinations.
  3. Curriculum – The board has designed the curriculum for students in such a way that it helps students gain positive and ethical values towards life besides the conceptual knowledge. The curriculum aims to bring out the real potential of the students. The CBSE curriculum is known to have helped a lot of students who are aiming to pursue further studies from a centralized institution like IIT or AIIMS. The preliminary exams for these institutions are organized by CBSE only and so the students graduated from the CBSE Affiliated Schools generally have an edge over students graduated from other educational boards.
  4. Beyond Studies – Top CBSE Schools in Gurgaon not only focus on imparting quality knowledge to students but also ensure overall development of the students. The curriculum has also been designed in such a way that it encourages students to pursue sports along with studies. The board also focuses to teach students good humanist values and ensure every student’s physical and mental growth.
  5. Flexibility to Choose – A lot of flexibility is offered to the students to pursue their field of interest, under the CBSE board. The board encourages students at each and every stage of their education with a freedom to choose their field of interest and there is no compulsion to pick a certain stream. The board aims to instill a sense of confidence in the students and empower them to become better individuals.

While taking educational boards into consideration, it becomes really important to know what are the best schools in Gurgaonaffiliated to the board for the admission of your child. Some of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon are – Mount Olympus School, DAV Public School etc.

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