“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

― Albert Einstein

Libraries are paramount for school education – they help bridge the gap between academic education and worldly knowledge, a gap which cannot be filled with the help of technology or practical experiences. Books help readers acquire different and varying worldviews, along with a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human psyche. Hence, if all schools have a well-stocked library, children will be able to cultivate the art of learning via reading at an early age.

The faculty of a good Gurugram Public School understands the role that books play in imparting quality education. Books hold the ability to transport individuals to worlds they have never set foot in. Moreover, our education system is highly dependent on books in order to provide children with the wisdom required to live a wholesome existence. Books can also be used to impart valuable life lessons and nourish the seeds of creativity.

The understanding of the term ‘literacy’ is often limited to the ability of reading and writing. However, is that enough? Literacy should also mean that individuals have access and exposure to resources of value, resources that help them traverse the road to boundless knowledge. This highlights the dire need of school libraries, as the presence of such spaces can foster all-round growth in children of all ages. Apart from this, it also helps cultivate curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and the ability to think for themselves instead of mindlessly prescribing to dominant schools of thought.

A well-stocked library is also helpful for teachers. It is important to remember that while teachers are generally viewed as paragons of knowledge, it is impossible for a human being to be well-versed in all subject areas and keep up with dynamic trends incessantly. This is where libraries come into the picture: a library is an exhaustive collection of books which help children and adults alike in accumulating knowledge in diverse arenas. Hence, top schools in Gurgaon make it a point to stock the school library with books that cater to all ages and areas of interest.

Also, books can guide children towards potential careers for the future. A dominant career can be writing – the more a person reads, the better they are able to weave words which have the ability to change lives. Reading can also spark interest in areas they have never dabbled in before: for instance, if a child reads about the Egyptian civilization in an encyclopedia stocked in the school library, he/she might be inspired enough to aspire for a career in archaeology. For children, books can act as a guide, a friend, an advisor, and a confidant.

Most voracious readers grow up to be responsible, worldly-wise individuals and tend to be compassionate in nature. Books also have the ability to reform people and aid them in adopting corrective behaviours and worldviews that contribute to the greater good. Hence, a well-stocked library is a must for all schools, as open access to books helps mould the personality of children in multifarious ways.

Let us grant real value to our children and encourage them to use their school library. Beyond a shadow of doubt, wonderful transformations shall occur with time.

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