Why visiting Grandparents is IMPORTANT

After a period of busy school days, its a time to chill. When it comes to planning a big vacation, there are MANY things to consider. Where can we go? How will we get there and so on…..

The most relaxing vacations can be at Grandma’s house. There is no one other than the parents who will ever love a child more than the grandparents do. Though the number of kids being born in joint families might be quite less than before, the presence of grandparents and their interaction with grandchildren is still existent.

Top schools of Gurgaon conduct various workshops for parents to bridge the generation gap between the child and parents’ parents. It is important for a child to visit his / her grandparents at least once in a year.

Various benefits of paying regular visits to the grandparents are –

Treasure house of knowledge and traditions

Grandparents are treasure of knowledge and teach children important life lessons. They are also historians — teaching values, instilling ethnic heritage and passing on family traditions.

Enough time for grandchildren

Working parents usually are strict disciplinarians for their kids and their advice usually comes with an absence of choices. This can cause kids to be introvert at times, or constantly argue with parents, refraining from doing what they have been asked to do. Meeting grandparents frequently can be quite effective in such scenarios. They have tons of patience and are able to frame the demands in a way that don’t seem as taxing as they might to a kid.

The immense life experience that grandparents carry and the wisdom, with which they handle situations, can make kids more open and accept their advice.

Unconditional love and support

Research suggests that children find unique acceptance in their relationships with grandparents, which benefits them emotionally and mentally. They will never judge their lil ones. They will laugh along to their stories, ask questions and never think any less of them. They give the best hugs.

Cherishing the old ones

Grandparents are the roots that hold together our family tree. Without them, life just wouldn’t be the same, so it’s important to spend time whenever possible.

Don’t you think you owe them a visit? Making your grandparents happy should be the only reason to pay the visit to them. Go see them.



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