Admission Process

Mount Olympus Schools follow a merit-based admissions policy in which preference is given to students residing in proximity to the campus, proficiency in academics and extracurricular activities, siblings of alumni / current students and wards of Mount Olympus staff. Parents seeking admission for their wards in any class can contact or visit any of the school branches. School forms can be availed in the month of September onwards each year at the school premises. Alternatively, registration can also be done online.

Provisions for mid-term admissions are also available as per vacancy of seats.
For any student who wishes to join Mount Olympus, the admission process is laid out below in a stepwise manner.

  • Step 1

    Parents fill out the enquiry form on our website, choosing the branch of their

  • Step 2

    Upon submission of enquiry form, the parents will receive a communication from our admission team regarding their location and contact details for the next steps. Parents fill out the enquiry form on our website, choosing the branch of their preference.

  • Step 3

    Our admission counselor will connect with the parent over call and schedule a campus tour.

  • Step 4

    The parent is then requested to register at the school premises. However, in case a visit is not feasible, online registration can also be done.

  • Step 5

    Parents are then requested to submit the Application Form for their child’s school admission with all necessary documents at the school premises.

  • Step 6

    An aptitude assessment test is conducted at the school premises, followed by an interaction with the Principal.

  • Step 7

    After the interaction, parents can confirm the admission by paying the admission fees. Modes of payment accepted - Cash, NEFT, Debit Card, Credit Card and UPI.

  • Step 8

    The child enrollment number is generated and the admission process successfully comes to an end.

Age Criteria for Academic Session 2024-25

Age as on March 31, 2024
Pre-Nursery Nursery Kindergarten Grade I
3 Years 4 Years 5 Years 6 Years

Entry Requirements

Pre-Nursery to K.G. Grade I to Grade XII
Interaction session with the counsellor and teacher, followed by a session with the principal. Written assessment test to understand child’s aptitude followed by the interaction with the principal.

List of Documents Required for Admission

  • Passport Size Photographs of the Child x6

  • Passport Size Photographs of the Child x3

  • Copy of previous year’s report cards (if applicable)

  • Copy of Vaccination Chart (for Grades Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten)

  • Attested Date Of Birth Certifi-Cate By MC / Local Bodies As Applicable

Register For Admission


The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Affiliation number: 531524

The school is into its 5th year of functioning. Mount Olympus School was incepted in 2016 with its first session commencing in 2017.

As on 31st March,
Nursery – 3.5 years
Kindergarten – 4.5 years
Grade 1 – 5.5 years

primary - 1:15, Middle & Senior -1:25,

The selection process aims at assessing age appropriate learning and analyzing the learning needs of the child. A grade appropriate parent-child interaction with the principal is conducted before admissions.

A ‘happy heart learns the best’. Hence, our focus is at creating a happy and a positive school climate that enables the child to learn.‘A school as unique as your child’- the curriculum is crafted to suit the needs of each child, it is designed to unleash the hidden potential by providing opportunities keeping in mind the uniqueness and individual differences.

Unique subject combinations. Students get to choose from an array of 21 subjects. Test preparations for NTSE, JSTSE, Boards-KVPY, Olympiads etc.

Lifeskills embedded curriculum ensures our students evolve as responsible citizens and are ‘Future Ready’. Overall personality development by providing ample opportunities to students in sports, arts, technology through inter-intra school competitions and representation at district-state-national levels. Annual Function, Science expo, International Trips, Adventure Camps, MUN’s etc

Career Laboratory@ MOS ensures 360◦ approach to career guidance including awareness workshops, psychometric testing, one to one counselling, traineeship and internships, profile building etc.

Safety ensured with CCTV surveillance, GpS enabled AC buses.

Focus on experiential learning and providing ample opportunities to our students aiming at developing skills required to ace in the 21st century. We celebrate the talent of each child and believe that each and every child is special. The mentoring and guidance from the educators and facilitators helps in fostering and igniting the love for learning and grooming them into lifelong learners and Global citizens.

Yes, the school runs an ‘After School Day Care’ program for the in-house students on a monthly basis till 6:30 pm. It recreates a ‘home away from home’ for our students. A safe and happy space, it is equipped with all amenities and facilities to engage students in after school learning including nap time, meal time, study time, recreation time, play time etc. Home cooked sumptuous meals, fun filled activities, singing, dancing and sharing makes it a happy abode for our students.

Meal facility is optional for the students on paid basis which provides convenience to the working parents. In-house cafeteria serves the hot food once in the school hours.

Yes, the school has a medical infirmary that is all equipped with the First Aid and day-care for students and staff with a permanent nurse. School has a tie up with two multi-speciality hospitals (within 200 mtr distance from school) for any kind of emergencies. The School Nurse diligently maintains crucial health details for each child.

Yes, school transport is available on certain specific routes. We work out our bus routes to accommodate all students.

Homework is looked at as a tool to enhance and facilitate learning. It is assigned in a meaningful manner, in different degrees and quantities in relation to year of schooling, and in relation to the learning needs of students.

Homework is given subject wise on designated days only. Homework Synopsis alongwith C.W. is uploaded on ERp & Google classroom daily.

pre- Nursery to K.G - Daily One H.W.(either written / Oral or Activity based)

Grade I-II - Daily homework in ONE subject (including Reading & Writing)

Grade III-V - Daily homework in TWO subjects only

Grade VI-XII - Daily homework in TWO subjects only

We are a 3 section school which makes us a small community and grants enhanced sense of belongingness. It enables us to give personalized attention and understand the needs and potential of each student. Understanding their individual learning needs helps us plan their learning better. Based on their potential they are exposed to an array of activities, competitions and are groomed accordingly.

100% participation in academic competitions (Eg: Multi-subject Olympiads)

100% participation in intra-class competitions

Children are picked and chosen to represent the school on a state / national level competitions based on selections

It leads to development of their skills, improved confidence, preparedness for competition, sense of achievement and helps them taste both losing and winning.

Yes, we do accept students from other Boards till grade IX.

The school activity calendar is planned in a manner so that students get exposure to social events, day trips and educational excursions, which are included in the fee structure.

Domestic and International educational trips are also organized for students of classes III upwards which are on nominal charges and are purely optional.

The school supports and handholds the parents in procurement of the uniform and books.

The safety and security of children is the prime concern of the school and all plausible steps are taken to ensure it in the school campus and the school buses.

Highest standards of hygiene and sanitation are maintained. The school has a dedicated housekeeping department with trained attendants. School has all thoughtful amenities like CCTV surveillance, fire detection and fire-fighting measures of the highest standards.

The security guards at the gate and at various vantage points are trained to control and monitor any kind of movement inside the campus. Women-security guards are deputed on each floor in the school premises.

School buses are air-conditioned and are equipped with Global positioning System, DVR cameras for surveillance & speed governors. Each bus has a lady security guard in place for additional safety of children.

Each floor is equipped with Security cameras including classes, corridors and common areas in the washroom. Each floor is closely monitored by the floor in-charges and the complete access is monitored in the server room.

Teachers are the main investment within the school system which ensures the best future for our students. School ensures deployment of fully trained and experienced teachers only.

The staff selection process involves a written test, personal and subject interview and class demonstrations.

To continuously enhance the skills of the faculty and to keep them abreast with the latest developments in the field of education, regular workshops for the teachers are conducted through CBSE, dept. of education and subject experts.

We have had three successful batches for Grade X and one for Grade XII with 100% exemplary results.

While the results for the 2021-22 session are awaited, highlights of our 2020-21 Class X batch are as follows -

100% first divisions with 76.4% distinctions
School average - 85.3%
53% students scored 80% and above

Highest marks per subject - 100% marks secured in Mathematics, Science and IT and 98% secured in English and social studies

School runs weekend morning camps for school students as a part of their learning and are not chargeable. In addition we also cater for professional evening sports activities which are chargeable.

We do not offer streams. Instead, we offer 21 subjects options to our students to choose from as we are following the new education policy (NEp).