We inculcate values that serve as guiding principles for better citizens of tomorrow…

At Mount Olympus ,we believe it’s easier to excel in the field in which one has inclination. That’s why we first find our student’s interests and nurtures them accordingly, adding spark to their passion and empowering upon their weak areas. This strategy enables us to bring out the best and deliver results that every parent looks forward to.


We believe in the formula of LEARNING BY PLAY. This not only makes the learners effective in academics but also helps in mastering their overall development.


Our mission is to create the leaders of tomorrow. We aim to provide high-quality education and empower each child with a sound foundation of knowledge and life skills.


Our motto compliments the name of the school which stands for power and strength. We motivate students to discover their true strengths.


At Mount Olympus, students achieve their fullest potential through our inspiring learning environment, appropriately challenging curriculum and robust extracurricular programs and electives.

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Principal Mrs. Neeti Kaushik’s Mantras

  • Shaping a vision of academic success for all the students
  • Creating a climate hospitable to education in order that safety and cooperative spirit and other foundation of fruitful interaction prevails
  • Cultivating Leadership in others
  • Improving instruction to enable teachers to teach at their best and students to learn their utmost
  • Fostering school improvement holistically


MOS has been our partner for the past one year in parenting & educating our child. The values that are important to us are reflected in the school family. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. MOS provides high quality value based education in a safe & family type environment.

Ameet Uppal Kang Mother of Amer Singh Uppal - Grade 1

Mount Olympus School is proving to be a very good foundation for my daughter as the curriculum is up to date with the latest teaching techniques. Thanks to the super caring staff and teachers, Shreshtha loves to go to school every day!

Anu ChauhanMother of Shreshtha Chauhan -Grade Nursery

This school is a perfect blend of academics, Sports, culture appreciation, and socialization.
The entire staff of MOS is dedicated to guiding each child in discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to tackle new experiences they may not be familiar with.

Kiran YadavMother of Ayush Yadav - Grade 2

I enrolled my child's name in Mt.Olympus School for session 2018-19 for Class-1.
I personally feel that the school has a very friendly environment. I congratulate Mrs. Neeti Kaushik and the whole team of Mt.Olympus for completing the first year successfully. Keeps the good work going.

Manisha BhanotMother of Paridhi - Grade 1

MOS is “An Amazing School” imbibing indigenous values to its students. We will not miss this opportunity to thank Neeti Kaushik Ma’am for her commendable efforts in guiding not only the students but parents as well. Engagement programmes are held by the school like Annual function, Sports day, Dandiya, Cyber Safety awareness.

Mansi SachdevaMother of Samaira Sachdeva - Grade 3

From last year when he joined school till now, he has enjoyed his learning no matter whether it was alphabets, counting, stories or extracurricular activities. We are satisfied with our decision to go with MOS as the first school for our child.
Thanks to the whole team.

Samit Baghla Father of Shaurya Baghla - Grade Nursery

We are very happy with the school. The school is following different and friendly methods so that children learn new concepts very easily. The staff is very enthusiastic and energetic. And last but not the least; Mrs. Neeti Kaushik Ma'am is an awesome Principal.

Monika JainMother of Tanav Jain - Grade 5

First and foremost MOS provides a safe and comfortable learning environment to its students. The school instils core values in kids. The children are taught to be compassionate and resourceful. We also saw mutual respect relationship driven education. To witness these relationships in action is heartwarming.

Chirag Dhingra Father of Smarya Dhinga - Grade 1

We feel that there would have been no better choice than Mount Olympus for Aarushi.
The faith in Madam Neeti Kaushik and her team continues after the delivery of each and every event with the highest level of precision.

Dipti Chandak Mother of Aarushi Chandak - Grade 6

We are proud Mount Olympians. Made the right decision of sending our children to Mount Olympus School. The school not only ensures that students excel in studies but also helps in all round development of the children, be it cultural, personal, or related to sports and arts. It’s just the right school for parents who want personalised attention for their children.

Shashidhar RamachandranFather of Anurag Sashidhar (Grade 1) & Anandita Sashidhar (Grade 5)

Mount Olympus School is the best school in every way. Their teaching, friendly behavior not only with students but with parents is commendable. They organise their activities, exhibitions, picnics in the best way I have ever seen.
We are lucky that our son Vihaan has got the best school in Gurugram.

Bharti Vikas Sachdeva Mother of Vihaan Sachedva - Grade 1

Best of best, Love the school, Principal, Teachers and staff. Safe and child friendly atmosphere. Organises innovative activities for children and parents. Social, academic and physical development of children. Parents and kids picnic was an entertaining event. Happy to be a part of MOS.

Remya RamnathMother of Amruta (Grade6) & Ananya (Grade1)