How to Choose a School for your child?

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  • 02-Sep-2021

“An individual without education is like a building without foundation”

This indeed is a big enough reason for parents to be careful and diligent in selecting a school for their child. Good schools have assumed this significant task at hand with great responsibility. Next to family a child’s school plays a decisive role in laying a strong foundation and in nurturing a child’s future as everything they become as adults has its roots in their schools.

Selecting the right formal school is one of the most important decisions to be taken in founding years. However, this decision is not easy, one has to skim and sail through several crucial questions and essential parameters.

There are a broad array of indicators that parents should consider while making this choice. Here are a few pointers and steps to keep in mind before taking such an impactful decision:

. Identify your child’s need:

No one can do this better than a parent, what is needed is an accepting attitude and a close observation. Knowing one’s child’s learning style is also crucial. Find out if the school has a particular approach to teaching and learning (e.g., group projects, individual performance, frequent testing).A child’s needs should be carefully matched with the key features of the school.

. Safety security:

A well-equipped, protected and a positive environment is a must to ensure absolute well-being of each and every child. Best schools leave no stone unturned in guaranteed safety and security protocols and mechanisms.

. Teachers:

Teachers play a very important role. Their presence creates an indelible impression on the young tender hearts and minds. Skilled, trained, professional, empathetic, responsible, caring and always ready to reach out to the students with a helping hand are few significant traits of a teacher.

. Curriculum:

an environment and a curriculum that fosters creativity, intelligence, and inquisitive temperament can make all the difference to a child’s academics and the overall success in life. Check if the school provides extracurricular activities that support what is taught. A fine balance between scholastics and co-scholastics can assist children to explore and choose as per their unique genetic makeup.

. A school the prepares your child for LIFE:

While the quality of education remains the most important criteria, the opportunity to develop your child’s creative, physical and social skillsis also a key attribute that needs to be given equal importance.

. Location/Proximity:

In terms of time taken in travelling, security, day to day management, ease, accessibility etc nothing can be compared to a neighborhood school. Proximity to school saves the child from several hassles.

. A strong Parent-School connect:

When the school and the parents come together – the one who wins is the child. One should always look for a school that encourages parental engagement leading to a solid partnership between parent and school.

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