Significance of Primary Education

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  • 02-Feb-2022

Recent changes in the curriculum of CBSE brings into being some extraordinary modifications. Unlike traditional method of teaching, the focus of new policies is on the overall development of a child.

The panel understands that studies and extra-curricular activities go hand in hand. For any child his physical development is as important as his mental development. This growth will only take place if we water the seed at the right time.

Top CBSE schools focus on co-scholastics and skill building, we at Mount Olympus also practice the same notion. From the initial stage, our highly-skilled teachers begin to engage students in activities which would enhance their skill set.

We firmly believe that primary education is a coherent source of nourishment to the budding minds. It is also the first step in the journey. Thereupon, we lay emphasis on guiding the students from the primary level in a certain direction. Eventually, it will lead towards the child becoming a shining star.

Despite the fact that CBSE is taking required measures, a few myths are deeply rooted in the heads of parents. This is the time to get those myth busted.

Some common myths are-

. Primary Education can be done from anywhere.

. Higher Education has to take place from a reputed institution.

. There are lesser chances of making a career in a non-academic field.

. A child learns mostly everything at home as it is the first school.

. Kids barely learn anything in kindergarten.

This is an endless queue. Parents of today are more aware. They understand the value of right schools and consider many parameters before getting the child enrolled.

However, we cannot deny that some of them still consider primary education unimportant. They believe that it has no role to play in the future of the child. But, education at every level has its part in shaping the child.

Primary Education paves the foundation upon which the complete future of a child depends. What is fed in the initial years would have a lasting impact on him. Thus, as a responsible parent, it is your responsibility to choose what is right for your child.

If your child begins his journey from the right path the chances of him getting misled lessens. Good CBSE schools focus on building a strong and robust primary education framework as to not to compromise on the educational foundation of young learners. So, understand why and how primary education can play a crucial role in your child’s life. We urge you to think before you choose.

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