Self Improvement By Harshit Chawla VII

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  • 26-Jul-2021

Whenever we get a work, we often think why do we have to do it??? Why can’t we just play and have fun.

We crib for the work in our hand, is that right or wrong?

We are wrong. We can persuade ourselves to make the impossible possible by telling our mind and heart that work is important.

Eg: If we have to complete our education, we have to work constantly. Mumma always asks me to maintain discipline and all good CBSE schools teach us how to be self-disciplined in their life-skills classes. This courage of working hard in every person motivates him/her to work well and not feel tired of work.

We have to improve ourselves more than others for the work we are doing. We should not always look at what others are doing rather we should focus on our work and do it honestly. Trending schools work hard to make their students good, strong and capable.

My nanaji always tells me and my brother that – ‘Work is worship,’ work is important. Best CBSE schools inculcate good work habits in their students. The work shows us the path of good and honest life. Because if we have courage to work we can improve ourselves to work nicely.

Work should be done well. We should not do our work badly and leave it incomplete.

Eg. In studies we don’t work well in the starting and then get tension for exams. This affects us.

We should also learn to do our work by ourselves for eg: arrange our books and desk, wash our utensils, fold our clothes, study in time etc etc

Our work also tells us about the improvement of our work and tells our mistakes if done by us.

So make your work your friend and prove your loyalty for the work and always keep improving yourself.

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