Rocksport Adventure Camp

  • Admin
  • 11-Mar-2022

Mount Olympus School organized Rocksport Adventure Camp 

Mount Olympus School in Gurgaon hosted the Rocksport Adventure Camp on March 5, 2022, offering a thrilling experience for intra and interschool children, promoting family and friend bonding. Activities like Burma Bridge, Sport Climbing, Body Zorb, and the challenging Magical Maze added excitement, fostering team-building and enhancing physical abilities. The camp, a perfect blend of fun and learning, aimed to create strong connections among participants. The inclusive nature allowed for bonding with parents, friends, and mentors. As part of the school's commitment to health and holistic development, the Adventure Camp provided a dynamic environment for fruitful learning. For those seeking engaging summer camp activities, particularly in Rocksport in Gurgaon, Mount Olympus School stood out as an excellent choice. The camp not only made the summer break memorable but also contributed to the development of essential life skills through experiential learning.

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