Parents are a Childs best Friend

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  • 25-Jun-2021

By Harshit Chawla, VIII, Mount Olympus School

“Whenever there is problem, best friend is always there to help.”

Are parents and children best friends?

Yes, they are. Allow me to explain it.

When a child is born, he / she finds the environment very unfriendly and cries a lot. But when the child comes in his / her mother’s lap, the child feels very comfortable and safe because he / she has found new friends who are always there.

When the child grows, he / she sees that the world is so beautiful and realizes that this gift is only because of the parents who brought him/her into this world. I am also very thankful to my school. My school being one of the top CBSE school in Gurgaon conducts beautiful programs and lessons in our classes which helps me become a good son.

Parents bring up their children by using both methods – strictness and discipline and love and care to help their child become a very good person in life.

Whenever a child gets worried because of lot of work or things to manage, the parent again helps like a friend and motivates to do the work, stay happy and not to panic.

Parents are also very important in their children’s life because they are the ones who help them every time. The children are incomplete without them. Also, whenever they need them, they are always ready to help and spend time with their children. Good schools play an important role as they make their students realize the importance of parents, family, friends and good behavior.

Parents respect the choices of their children they are always there in case of any problem and rush to them to help in solving their problems. For example if I ever get hurt my parents rush to help, they apply medicine to reduce my pain, they take care of me and make me feel happy.

Parents are often called the `First Heroes` of their children because they guide, teach, help them and always spend good and quality time with their children. For e.g.; if the child is sick, parents always protect and help them to recover well by taking very good care, and by giving medicine along with a perfect diet.

Generally, it’s been said that the first teachers of children are their parents only because they are the ones who first teach them how to eat, how to walk, how to speak etc.

Parents always care for their children and advice the ways to be a good person in life, they show children the path of goodness. Also, they help them in their studies, homework, and solve their different types of problems.

Many times, my father and mother have told me that they are my best friends but I used to have doubts as they become strict, at times get angry or punish. But I finally realized that whatever they do is for my own well-being and I also believe that the person I am today is only because of the guidance of my parents. Those schools are the best schools that help both parents and children to be friends as my school calls us for family picnic and many interesting programs.

Parents are much more important than anyone in the world. And my loving parents are everything to me, they are my best friend.

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