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  • 29-Mar-2022

Parenting: Navigating with 'How to Be a Good Parent' and 'Good CBSE Schools

Strive not to be the ‘Perfect Parent’, be the ‘Real parent’. Accept yourself with all the flaws. Awareness, willingness, and responsibility will be key in carving out the best version of yourself as a parent.

Parenting is not an art of perfection but an art of making mistakes and learning together with your child. There is no written set of rules on how perfect you should be, to be a good parent. Good parents are indeed the ones who understand the different and special bond they have with their child and thus cater to their needs. Having a child is not a cake walk but a beautiful and worthy walk. Consider your child not a part of you but the younger you who is growing and learning as you are with each passing day. Trending schools today are effective partners of parents in the growth and development of their children.

It is important to build a healthy relationship with your child, where he/she/they are free to talk and express every emotion they feel. Communication is the key to a healthy happy relationship. It is also not only important for the child who should be able to communicate with you but soo should you. Simple activities or routines like a trust circle or a day discussion on both ends would do magic. It is not the big steps that matter but the regular small efforts that make a change. Good CBSE schools play a significant role in handholding parents through empowerment programs in their journey of parenting.

Parenting is not easy and no one is born Einstein in the subject of a child. Make mistakes, own up to it not just in front of your partner but also in front of the child and correct them. Most importantly, look up to your parents and do what they did right but don’t do the wrongs they did. In the end, everything can be accomplished with love, trust, and pixie dust.

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